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 ADK Microphone Capsule


Instead of excessive EQ filters and tricks to make a microphone sound smooth, ADK Custom Shop and 3 Zigma spent five years fine-tuning capsules. Using advanced Aerospace engineering we created mics to emulate the tone of the top five of the most prized vintage microphones, with a much greater dynamic range and exponentially lower self-noise than a high dollar classic mic.



A microphone is only as good as its components. Hundreds of tubes and transformers were tested to come up with the best matches for each capsule. By consulting with such golden-ears (or bat-ears as we think of them) such as Chuck Ainlay and Michael Shipley we were able to find the optimal signal path for each of the five fine-tuned capsules. Straight wire theory at its best!

 Larry Villella ADK Microphone's Owner

…For Musicians and Recording Engineers.

It took three microphone experts including a Ph.D. in Physics, a design genius in Belgium, 10 Grammy Winning Engineers and a 40-year-old microphone collection to create these microphones! Keeping this in mind the microphones were designed to enable you to tailor the dynamic behavior of the microphone to the situation and obtain new textures, with rarely the need for outboard processors or even equalization. This alone will save you hours of chasing your tail when mixing as your sounds will sit well in the mix, to begin with.



If you are impressed with what’s inside the microphone, your clients will be even more impressed with how professional you look when you put one of these microphones in front of them. Each microphone comes with a powder coated body and chrome accents and grill. Your client will be even more impressed once they hear themselves through one of your new mics. A very common theme we hear daily is “I’ve never heard myself sound this good!”

ADK Z-251 Microphone in Flute Case