ADK Z-67

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Do you want a versatile microphone that will work on almost any source you put in front of it?

The Z-67 is based on the versatile U67 microphone which has been the go-to mic for musicians and engineers since 1960. Known for its ability to work exceptionally well on pretty much any sound, the Z-67 is a flexible microphone that no studio should be without.

When you can only have one quality microphone, this is the way to go.


  • Forward Mids
  • Gently Sloping Top End
  • Focused Lows
  • Flattering on Widest Range of Vocal Types / Music Styles Acoustic Instruments
  • Organs
  • Reeds
  • Small-Body Frets

Every ADK Custom-Shop Microphone comes in a Flight Case with:

  • Heavy-Duty Shock Mount with Extra Elastics
  • Goose-Neck and Clamp-Style Metal Pop Filter
  • Clown-Nose Style Foam Windscreen
  • Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Ring Mount
  • All the Necessary XLR Cables (Tube Mics have Two XLR)
  • All Tube Mics come with Dedicated Power Supply
  • Wooden Velvet-Lined Microphone Jewel Box.