ADK Z-251

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Want a finished recorded sound where little to no EQ or compression is used in the mix?

The Z-251 is based on the legendary 251 microphone, which has been known to sell for up to $30,000.

Known for its amazingly sweet top end, the Z-251 is a special kind of microphone that brings your tracks to life in a way that only the original can. For less than a tenth of the price, you can now have this legendary sound in your studio.


  • Moderate Mids
  • 15k Air-Band Boost
  • Extended Lows  Female Singers, Especially Lyrical, Breathy Vocalists  Archtop and Nylon String Guitars
  • Baritone Sax

Every ADK Custom-Shop Microphone comes in a Flight Case with:

  • Heavy-Duty Shock Mount with Extra Elastics
  • Goose-Neck and Clamp-Style Metal Pop Filter
  • Clown-Nose Style Foam Windscreen
  • Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Ring Mount
  • All the Necessary XLR Cables (Tube Mics have Two XLR)
  • All Tube Mics come with Dedicated Power Supply
  • Wooden Velvet-Lined Microphone Jewel Box.